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5 Teacher's Day gift ideas

With Teacher's day coming soon on 2 September, we thought of some gift ideas for your amazing teacher. 

1. Acrylic stationery  

What better way to appreciate your teacher with a stationery item?

These practical and useful stationery could already be a part of your teacher's daily use items. Why not give it a refreshing touch? 

Featured here - tape dispenser, memo holder, clipboard, pen holder, stapler. 

Collection: small things big goals 

2. Copper mug 

Collection: Ring-a-ding drink 

If your teacher's a guy, this would add to his mug collection.

Pretty, functional and durable. Not suggested for hot drinks. 

Your teacher could chill out on weekends with a mug of cold mojito. ;) 

3. Fairy lights by Midnight Sparkle 

Collection: Starry night 

Add in an appreciation note to let your teacher know how he/she has brighten up your life. 

4. A pillow for that teacher's chair 

They could get tired after spending long hours standing to teach. Why not get a pillow from our collection for them to support their back on the chair? 

Collection: Throw pillow 

5. Wall loop 

If you've a slightly higher budget or split the bill with your classmates, consider one of these wall loops what would help organize your teacher's corner or room. 

Collection: Wall loop by LaSelva

All items are available right now on 

Shipping takes only 2-3 working days from date of purchase. 

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