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coloured wallpaper write on wall chalkboard style wall decor
Deep Teal - Chalkboard Wallpaper for Kids Room | Office Notice Board | Restaurant Wall Decor
Deep Teal - Chalkboard Wallpaper for Kids Room | Office Notice Board | Restaurant Wall Decor
Stitches and Tweed

Deep Teal - Chalkboard Wallpaper for Kids Room | Office Notice Board | Restaurant Wall Decor

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Want to make your own chalkboard area, this is the perfect product for you.

This listing is based on per roll of wallpaper 

Width - 92cm
Height - 2 meter   
Available for 2 meter Height per roll

CHALKBOARD WALLPAPER. Use it in your office, Kids room, playroom, kitchen, restaurant  or create a special feature wall with it.

* The chalkboard made of black matte high-quality Japanese wall paper.
* On this chalkboard you can write with chalk and able to rubber with damp cloth.
* Traditional wallpaper that require Prepasted - activate the paste with water, and easily slide the paper into position. This choice is generally preferred by professional installers.
* Wall paper best apply on matte wall paint, it's hard to apply wallpaper from any type on gloss, semi-gloss, or satin finish wall paint.

We can produce wallpaper in the dimensions you want. You can contact us for dimensions not listed.

How much do you need? Simply measure the width of your wall in cm, and add a couple of cm to account for wall variations. Then, divide that number by 92cm and round up to the next whole number. The width of the wall paper is fix, only the height can be adjusted. 

Should you require assistance to calculate the amount of wallpaper required, we are happy to assist. Just send in your floor plan and mark the wall you intend to cover. We will send you a quotation. 

 2 to 4 weeks turnaround from manufacture to ship.

Because our wallpapers are custom made just for you, they cannot be returned or refunded unless there is a manufacturing defect. We want you to be COMPLETELY happy with our order, so you might want to purchase a sample first. We're pretty sure you're going to LOVE it.

This listing does not include the installation of wallpaper. 

For installation, if you require a recommendation, do drop us a message. 


It is possible to do the wallpapering on your own following the steps to - 

Step 1 - Prime the walls 
Use an oil-based primer or an acrylic primer to seal the walls, followed by a coat of wallpaper primer. 
Step 2 - Cut the wallpaper to size 
 Next step is to cut out the wallpaper in the right measurement. Measure your wall and open the roll of the wallpaper on the floor.
Step 3 - Smooth the surface
Apply the paste. For accurate installation, it is advised to draw lines on the wall. Use a pencil and mark guidelines on the wall. After this, use the heels of your hands, and start sliding the wallpaper against the wall until the edge lines match up with the guideline. Apply each section carefully so that each piece is hung straight and level.
Step 4 - Trim and smooth the surface 
After your wallpaper is up on the wallpaper, take a roller or soft-bristle wallpaper brush and start smoothening.  
Apply the wallpaper directly over wall switches. Later cut all the excess material, and trim the sides to expose them.

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